About mee, Dee

A Trans journey is about gender, not sexual freedom. Such  a misunderstanding makes educating others about the very real difference a top priority. Despite our sexual commonality, the RP Disaster Reality (show) has proven that even minorities make disenfranchisement an objective. Trans exclusion and mockery is a sport enjoyed by those outside of trans circles, despite sexuality. Sadly, far too often our nemeses include trans females whose livelihood includes dependence on Gay, Inc, a dependence with roots in the sport of female impersonation. Our union with LGB is precisely what is behind the ubiquitous misconception that trans = gay, despite the reality that trans = gender. Just as gay persons have a gender, so do we have our sexuality. Just as being gay is not about being trans, so too is trans not about being gay.

If we wish more of the exclusive “same”, then we need do nothing. If we wish a concentrated trans focus over a diluted LGBT focus, then we must begin taking steps away from interdependence and toward trans independence. To be sure, there will be costs, but costs are always part of every life equation. The question is not what will the costs be, but what will the profit be? The profits will include a focus on trans persons for our gender, not our sexual choice as trans identities are finally seen as apart from sexual identities. Profits will include trans advances on trans issues undiluted through obfuscation with sexuality. Profits will include a focus on specific trans legislation, not on LGBT legislation that time and time again is trans exclusive as compromise.

Gay, Inc, although more and more in our corner, has too often proven to be but another bastion of white male power or Gaytainment, as we, the Trans community, find ourselves outside LGB successes. Separation is not to be conflated with disdain. The US and UK separated 200+ years ago, and remain the best of friends. So too will we with our LGB family. It is my hope that my passion for trans independence catches on. As trans adults, it is too late for us to undergo a puberty that matches our gender identity, but not too late to ensure that trans children do not undergo our childhood gender anguish. This is no time for ego, but time for consideration of others over self fame or accomplishment. Sacrifice has a way of rewarding those who pay it forward, even posthumously. My reward will be reading the successes of trans children, as I resist the temptation to lament my own childhood.

A top-down trans civil group seems infeasible, probably due to personal egos. Another option is to work from the bottom-up, by forming local TSU chapters that with growth form their own top-down hierarchy. Many seek participation in hierarchies to satisfy personal aggrandizement, when the purpose is to coalesce for the purpose of achieving group objectives, in our case trans equality. Either way, doing nothing means more of the same: some gay & straight persons continuing to see us as “sport.”


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