Lies that kill our soul, and sometimes our bodies


Is this story about a transgender identity, because there is no such thing….there’s no sex but still either M or F on identifying documents. Is this story about allowing men into women’s restrooms, because men are still required to use the men’s rooms. Is this story about sex offenders, because sex offenders, many of which are now female, have no restroom prohibitions. This story is as deadly as it sounds, because making millions believe that the innocent are vicious criminals on the prey to rape or sexually offend even children….it causes some elected county sheriffs, politicians, even preachers to advocate for violence-as-self-defense against an entire group of  trans children and adults who just want to pee. Stories such as these that slander an entire swath of people breaking no laws should be prosecutable as slander. Disagreement is an American expression of freedom; slander never is.


About Trans Sisters United

We have come. We have seen. We have conquered our past, but we shall never cease fighting for the future---of those who follow. God is real, even if many Christians have chosen not to be.

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