The State of the Transgender Union

When a man loses his male member—from combat or cancer—-he remains a man. Whilst a trans woman still has hers—from medical insurance exclusions—she is and remains a woman. If a trans journey is described but with one word, it is sex. Beyond clothes, makeup, or jewelry, it is one’s sex that is changed to conclude a transitionFor over 50 years, there’s been federal protections against sex discrimination—the 1964 CRA. No new legal protections apart from the 1964 CRA need be codified, and when they are, they are on solid, legal ground. Transgender children and adults aren’t “playing dress-up”, not even close.


We discard fear, even as we are discarded ourselves, and tread where few dare to tread—we push through any and all obstacles to make life our very own. We take the privilege of life, and create our own path. It truly is a gauntlet, as many of our brother and sisters fall. The 1964 CRA authorizes the US AG to act to protect those specified within the Act, and act Loretta Lynch did.

All states are subservient to federal authority, notwithstanding state-sponsored rebellion. This less-than-civil war was over in 1964, even if many know it not. Religion, with the best of intentions, has risen up against the transgender menace, but I assure you we are no menace. My Christian brethren, refrain from bearing false witness against trans brothers and sisters for they are guilty of nothing. Gender & sex, God-created traits comprise a part of eclectic human creation, and traits alone are never guilty of moral turpitude. Our body is no longer perfect that it may be worthy of an Eden abode, and repairing it is not conduct such that it is sin requiring repentance. Go in peace my children, and sin no more for the 9th Commandment commands this so.—Dee words of inspired wisdom. 

SOTU snip

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Author: Dee Omally, USAF Cold-War veteran

This pdf document is required reading for those who have never met one of us. I wrote it from the perspective of a human being, discarded from employment with the equivalent value of, well, discarded tissue paper. I sat down and just started writing it…and finished it in one sitting….edited in 2015 after I had found it in my F/book notes, four years after I thought I had lost it forever, deleted from a blog I had at the time. I promise that it will be enlightening, and factual. To my fellow believers who truly believe that this “transgender” thing is about pushing a gay agenda….forcing the “loss” of privacy…please think again. I truly am beginning to believe that this transgender “dilemma” is about testing our faith—will we love or will we hate? Will we speak in truth or spread lies? I assure you that, despite your best of intentions, most of you are not speaking truth about transgender children and adults. Yes, there are very few trans children, whom schools will identify as such (contrary to the myth that “I’m a girl” is the password into girl restrooms), and this is a very easily workable non-issue.

Schools are in the business of avoiding liability, and there are long-established practices to assist transgender students after they privately identify themselves to school admin. You are presuming, rather falsely although understood, that because a trans female was identified by a doctor as male at birth, and because males are sexually-driven, surely these “males” are trying to gain a back-door access into female areas. I assure you this would be like trying to get to California from Florida by sailing toward the East… my pdf paper to see who we really are, which is why I wrote it one year after I was condemned for my gender, and tossed out from employment, despite having just been competitively selected for hire.

false witness

I will make a bold prediction: in about one year, when our nemeses finally realize that this is NOT about a sexual drive, mental “disorder”, or anything criminal, America will experience the greatest “We’re so sorry.” it has to date. This “transgender” thing is not new, is not a lifestyle, is not temporary. It had for us, like trans children today, a childhood onset….and requires an inordinate amount of almost super-human strength to survive…especially in the face of bold-faced lies, accusations, presumptions…the most vile hostility. Add to this family rejection, either overt or covert (as with me), where even funerals are off limits (unless I cut my hair, my sister did say). As many other school districts and local governments have discovered, this is truly a non-issue and it will be for you also. Give trans kids the chance to grow up the right way during the only time the body can grow up the right way—during adolescence. Let’s not create more Leelah Alcorn’s who was unable to survive the psychological torment meted out “in the name of our God”….I beseech you my fellow believers. As President Obama and Loretta Lynch have said in essence: lives are at stake….the lives of the few are no less important than the lives of the many. This truly is about keeping trans children alive, or as Leelah Alcorn implored, it is about “fixing society”, even for the few among us.



About Trans Sisters United

We have come. We have seen. We have conquered our past, but we shall never cease fighting for the future---of those who follow. God is real, even if many Christians have chosen not to be.

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  1. I read your post and have a comment. The concern over the issue of use of facilities(bathroom, showers,etc) is not due to fear over someone pretending to be transgender to gain access. It is rather due to a fear of someone who is not transgender using this issue as a means to access areas that they are traditionally barred from in order to harm someone else. I also personally do not approve of it in a school setting because as a Christian I try to raise my children with specific beliefs and want to protect them while young from any confusing situations that could undermine or at the least cause them to question what they are taught. Once they are older and capable of logical decision making I would hope they think for themselves and come to the same faith and decisions about life that I have, but young children are easily impressionable and parents should have the right to chose what their children are exposed to. Thank you for reading this and God bless.


    • Thank you! We share our faith and safety concerns, as parents….and to finally begin to read that “this isn’t about [genuine] transgender children” is indeed very, very refreshing. It tells me that at the very least, we are beginning to be understood. To me, just that alone is absolute gold; it truly is. It also clarifies that my/our advocation is NEVER for the purpose of endangering others—-that would be counterproductive, especially for trans children who already face an inordinate amount of anguish.

      As far as the risk you mention, nothing is ever completely without risk, and yet such risks must (and are) be weighed overall and every possible attempt to mitigate such risks must be made. Schools are indeed under obligation to do their utmost to strike as safe a balance as humanly possible. To understand the risks, we need look no further than what has transpired (or not) in other school districts that have advocated for trans kids, including in the most sensitive of areas. The concerns, valid as they are, have proven to be without merit.

      There are 3 concerns that are intersecting: safety, private faith beliefs, and chronology. Safety concerns I have discussed….no matter the concern, trans issue or not, risk is a part of every experience. Private faith belief, in Christ as we share, which has in fact strengthened me beyond limits of human endurance is crucial and constitutionally protected. In fact, beyond the vitriol expressed by some (I do understand) which I do my utmost not to express, it is the apparent loss of positive parental influence and faith reinforcement that truly is the core concern in this issue. We must remember though, that public schools make no private faith a requirement, and requiring public schools to enforce religious tenets is a violation of the “establishment clause”. It truly is.

      As “warning” letters distributed to parents that indeed violate a trans students medical privacy (they truly do, and Ed. code privacy requirements) demonstrate, publicizing the mere presence of a trans student is NOT the way to accommodate them. To be sure there is a learning curve here, nationally. What has been successful is the following: (1) affirm to the least doubt possible, that a student is in fact transgender. This will require that the student notify the school privately of a transition, verifiable through parents/guardian, typically through medical veracity as well, unless in the very early stages. Especially in the early stage (some students that are transgender could never come out to their parents, Christian or not), school staff will know who these students are and must monitor closely and privately to ensure veracity. There simply is no better way currently. Again, predators do NOT announce themselves, for obvious reasons. Making students (any student, trans or not) to use a “3rd party nurse’s restroom” is an immediate way to identify them as “trans”, making life at school barely tolerable, if that.

      If privacy measures are in place, nobody will be exposed. Lewd conduct is still enforceable. There are time sensitive concerns in play for trans students—-transitioning after puberty is the absolute worst time, because irreversible physical changes will need to be undone. Many insurance companies still call them “elective” (they’re not for us), and so do not cover them. If not, there’s a tremendous (and usually unaffordable) expen$e involved. Blessings in return dear.


  2. How can we be heard? You and I know we are no threat- but to others, this does not matter: it is the fears of unnamed vulnerable women, rather than the reality, that matters.


    • I am trying to post as many affirming stories proving that we are not the threat they are manufacturing. Don’t worry…in time truth has a way of rising above the cacophony of damnable lies. The best I can do is provide the link to this site whenever I can. They’re looking for evidence…and so I endeavor to provide it. It’s like pushing a car uphill…but push we will. I have no history of being so active…but it all started as I stared at the termination letter—-the end result of a supervisor who asked “Are you wearing makeup?” followed by an HR Dept who failed to protect me. This is a true story…..and in life sometimes we don’t choose our battles…they often choose us, and I aim to fulfill my obligation to those who have no voice.

      Above all, we are so few in number…transkids before there were transkids…that each of us must speak up for the greater good. Staying silent is to let the din of condemnation against us rule the day….

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    • By remaining true to ourselves, spreading love even in the face of hate, teaching others about who we are, and being the very opposite of who they say we are, in due time even if not in our lifetime Truth will prevail. Like fine wine, time is our friend. Even if too late for us we owe this fight to the trans children that follow.


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