The first clue that the author, A.J. is hiding behind academic-speak while wielding a proverbial spear, as she targets another’s back quickly asserts itself with this problematic phrase: “…socialized as female from birth”—let’s not pretend that this is not euphemistic for “real women”, or stated otherwise “women born women”. In rapid succession the literary spear is quickly launched as we read “…socialized as boys growing up”, and “…people socialized as straight white males, and “”…were socialized and identified as straight pre-transition.” In a world where most children mature into adulthood and discard parental and environmental “socialization”, this begs the question: A.J. what is the big concern with “socialization”? Did you not yourself discard such male socialization? Of course we know that had she said “women born women”, the uproar would be incessant. ENTER: “socialization” as euphemism.

The author then thrusts the spear and places blame not on the parties who in march 2014 unsuccessfully attempted to mainstream the two very worst trans slurs in existence today—the She**** and Tra**** words. The horrific reality that these two words, despite benevolent usage in tiny private circles, are uttered to revoke and de-legitimize sex/gender complete transitions is completely beside her points, as she dons the lanyard from which dangles a “drag ally” placard. She knows it not, but her journey to irrelevance has begun as she will awake one day to find that history has moved on, without her. Rather than place blame on the “public-use of trans slurs are just fine with us” perpetrators who jump under the trans “umbrella” by day, and under the “gay” umbrella by night, she blames us, who dared to stand up, not unlike the LGB of old, and say “NOT IN MY WATCH YOU DON”T!” It is not RuPaul who “clashed” as he despicably tried to promote the horrific public-slurring trans S & T words, but we who “clashed” by daring to stand up to him! ENTER: betrayal & deception.

She continues to write, lumping in drag (cross-dressers who remain gay males) with transgender (persons who do NOT remain birth sexed but undergo a complete sex/gender change). She pretends not to know that distinction is not synonymous with superiority. Those opposed to trans equality remain opposed due to this very drag = trans myth because who could ever blame them for not wanting males in the female restrooms? It is about the sex, not the gender expresson. It is about a medical doctor’s confirmation of a sex change, an ID sex update…24/7 social recognition at work…full assimilation into society, passing ability notwithstanding! The distinction between cross-dressing (drag) and sex/gender transition is one that is as crucial as a distinction between male and female, regardless of birth sex! How dare A.J. pretend that this is a moot point!

She continues to pretend that we want drag “excluded” from the trans community when it already is excluded, hence the very reason for disparate labeling! Duh x 1,000! Gay males are already represented in the LGBT under the G! Duh again!! Drag is never a subset of the trans/sex change community and never has been, no matter who tossed it in for gay measure! The early history of transgender was referred to as “transvestite” but only because trans history had not yet evolved to make the distinction (not superiority) between cross-dressing (an act) and sex-changing (a medical/legal reality)! How dare A.J. pretend not to know this!

Ru, one reason trans women don’t wish to be called “t—-” is that we don’t want to be mistaken for someone like you.—Jennifer Boylan

History has proven Parker Malloy, Cristan Williams, Jennifer Boylan and Christina Kahrl absolutely spot-on correct. How so? Simple. RuPaul’s continued intransigence supported by his male drag cult followers who to this day, in psychopathic fashion, truly believe victimizing speech, particularly to a very fragile and extremely under-represented group, has a constructive role to play in public media. The group in which I am included, more specifically Latina trans(itioned) transfemales, and trans women of color, is so often lethally targeted that a perennial TDOR memorial event is held. How dare A.James pretend that all of this is fiction, that communicating trans slurs to an audience who to this day believe that drag = trans, and worst of all, in her destined-for-the-shredder story above, one “tr*nny” wasn’t enough—-it had to be uttered seven times. Oh of course the quotes made the word disappear….and appear innocuous—NOT! We already live in a policed-world, precisely the reason America has remained insulated from 3rd world “normalcy” of violence. To even attempt to argue that LGB/Trans slurs don’t rise to the level of requiring “policing” over public media is at minimum naive, at maximum delusional.

Transgender, transvestite, gay, lesbian, penis, vagina, even cisgender are labels, but not labels with a history of hate. A.James gets an A for attempt, but an F- for credibility and effect. BTW, drag has value…$ value…just as Hollywood has $ value…entertainment value. In relation to transgender equality, drag has absolutely zero value, in fact it’s value can only be destructive because selling the drag = trans fiction will only convince religious, straight, gay and lesbian bigots that trans equality is a non sequitur. This is a fight for what is right…and in 2014 it is now a fight laden with might, make no mistake. Yes, RuPaul, and the non-trans drag or former drag advocates of trans slurs uttered via public airwaves have themselves stood up and declared themselves as enemies of the transgender community. This written Sad Sack rubbish story is Exhibit A.


About Trans Sisters United

We have come. We have seen. We have conquered our past, but we shall never cease fighting for the future---of those who follow. God is real, even if many Christians have chosen not to be.

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