My so-called Christian friends: public display of Trans Ignorance


Note: transgender in quotes. Implication: no such thing

Note: “Opposite Sex” Restroom Access. Implication: transgender students are not to be recognized per gender identity, but per their privates. Of course, the “real” girls’ privacy is a valid concern.

BELOW: Note: “biological boy“: biology trumps gender personality…it’s not the brain that’s boss, but body parts.

Note: “…decides that he wants to identify with….”. Of course, just like cis girls & boys get to decide that they’re “real” girls and boys.

Note: “…is sexually attracted to girls“. Uh… mean like other girls that are sexually attracted to girls? So it’s runaway penis that you really fear, not runaway tongue?

Note: “…First Amendment rights?” Huh? You mean the freedom for “real” girls to speak their mind in restrooms? Safety? Runaway penis again?

Note: “…educational environment of their children…”? Oh, you certainly aren’t referring to the same concerns that parents of trans children have for the safety of their children are you? Of course, so long as LGBT bullying (often the result of Christian condemnation) was pervasive, typically as students were gender non-conforming, all was good right?

Sad, just sad that 100% of so-called Christian concerns are for “their own”—–to hell with trans kids. Folks, these are what are called derailed Christians.







About Trans Sisters United

We have come. We have seen. We have conquered our past, but we shall never cease fighting for the future---of those who follow. God is real, even if many Christians have chosen not to be.

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