Music Video–shot at my childhood school/church/post office home….Amboy Ca…..

My father, gone since ’85, worked for Leslie Salt Co. which was 2 miles East of Amboy, south of Highway 66. I attended Amboy School in the 60’s, part of the Needles Unified School District. My notable achievement was being spelling bee champ in the 5th grade! Small school yes, but certainly there should have been at least one student in the 6th/7th/8th grade who could have beat me! It was a K-8 school.

For most of us, our childhood elementary school is a vivid, early memory that is full of playground fun. For me, it was a lonely time, longing to play alongside other females, never the mean boys. I can never forget the “bald head” haircuts I used to get…you can imagine the horrible anguish being transgender and wishing to scream to my dad “I WANT MORE, NOT LESS!!!!”, but my dad, old enough to be my grandfather was super strict and I grew up with great fear of him.

I remember a highway patrolman visiting (I have the pic in my schoolbook—will post it here soon). Little did I imagine I would one day wear the uniform, which I did after my 6 yr AF enlistment. My dream was to return to Amboy/Needles area and patrol the highway of my youth, but it was simply not to be, as my dad suddenly passed on during my rookie year. Like a deflated balloon, my job interest evaporated soon after. I endured much, but at 24, my father’s sudden passing revealed an emotional weakness I didn’t know I had. When I hear the song…the gorgeous girl, very handsome lad….and the places I walked around as a child…where we got our mail, attended church…the eclectic synergy of emotion….there’s an emotion completely different than any other….only when I watch this video. Thank you to whoever shot this video….


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