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No better example of Ignorance is possible…

Two shock jocks, now suspended thankfully, calling us nuts and displaying lack of knowledge the likes hardly seen before…a must listen………


Trans Bigotry………..Exhbited for Public Purview

Trans Bigotry...........Exhbited for Public Purview

One thing about humanity is this: despite having no 1st party experience with an issue, many opine as if they do, projecting their loathing as they spew out anything but truth.

My so-called Christian friends: public display of Trans Ignorance


Note: transgender in quotes. Implication: no such thing

Note: “Opposite Sex” Restroom Access. Implication: transgender students are not to be recognized per gender identity, but per their privates. Of course, the “real” girls’ privacy is a valid concern.

BELOW: Note: “biological boy“: biology trumps gender personality…it’s not the brain that’s boss, but body parts.

Note: “…decides that he wants to identify with….”. Of course, just like cis girls & boys get to decide that they’re “real” girls and boys.

Note: “…is sexually attracted to girls“. Uh… mean like other girls that are sexually attracted to girls? So it’s runaway penis that you really fear, not runaway tongue?

Note: “…First Amendment rights?” Huh? You mean the freedom for “real” girls to speak their mind in restrooms? Safety? Runaway penis again?

Note: “…educational environment of their children…”? Oh, you certainly aren’t referring to the same concerns that parents of trans children have for the safety of their children are you? Of course, so long as LGBT bullying (often the result of Christian condemnation) was pervasive, typically as students were gender non-conforming, all was good right?

Sad, just sad that 100% of so-called Christian concerns are for “their own”—–to hell with trans kids. Folks, these are what are called derailed Christians.






Anti-Phobia Video..courtesy of the U.N.

Music Video–shot at my childhood school/church/post office home….Amboy Ca…..

My father, gone since ’85, worked for Leslie Salt Co. which was 2 miles East of Amboy, south of Highway 66. I attended Amboy School in the 60’s, part of the Needles Unified School District. My notable achievement was being spelling bee champ in the 5th grade! Small school yes, but certainly there should have been at least one student in the 6th/7th/8th grade who could have beat me! It was a K-8 school.

For most of us, our childhood elementary school is a vivid, early memory that is full of playground fun. For me, it was a lonely time, longing to play alongside other females, never the mean boys. I can never forget the “bald head” haircuts I used to get…you can imagine the horrible anguish being transgender and wishing to scream to my dad “I WANT MORE, NOT LESS!!!!”, but my dad, old enough to be my grandfather was super strict and I grew up with great fear of him.

I remember a highway patrolman visiting (I have the pic in my schoolbook—will post it here soon). Little did I imagine I would one day wear the uniform, which I did after my 6 yr AF enlistment. My dream was to return to Amboy/Needles area and patrol the highway of my youth, but it was simply not to be, as my dad suddenly passed on during my rookie year. Like a deflated balloon, my job interest evaporated soon after. I endured much, but at 24, my father’s sudden passing revealed an emotional weakness I didn’t know I had. When I hear the song…the gorgeous girl, very handsome lad….and the places I walked around as a child…where we got our mail, attended church…the eclectic synergy of emotion….there’s an emotion completely different than any other….only when I watch this video. Thank you to whoever shot this video….

RuPaul = trans mockery……Ronan Farrow = trans supportive

RuPaul = trans mockery......Ronan Farrow = trans supportive

Ronan Farrow……..I LOVE YOU…I LOVE YOU…I LOVE YOU….both physically and literally. Guys can be hot and girls even hotter…..but Ronan is now one of my new heroes. Armed with the pulpit, unlike the Ru Paul Disaster Reality, he doesn’t use it as an instrument of trans slurring but as an instrument for good. My trans family, we MUST let him know how eternally grateful we are…his good will go far to offset much bad… him…tweet him or call…LET HIM KNOW!!!!!

Some women in fact have penises!!!

Some women in fact have penises!!!

I adore this pic because sometimes being abrupt is required to make a point, controversy aside. This pic isn’t pornography. It is simply a nude model that confirms to the world that penis aside, some females are no less female.

Unarmed security is effective only on unarmed persons

Unarmed security is effective only on unarmed persons

I don’t expect many of you to know that many hospital security officers succumb to ER violence yearly. Having worked several hospitals, including LA County USC +USC Med Ctr, I am keenly aware of the danger to medical and security staff. The reason is simple: often, police deposit very violent patients for medical treatment that aside from exhibiting violent behavior, have committed no crime, and are often in altered states. I call for a national security requirement that at minimum all ER’s have a minimum of (2) officers, at least one of which is armed. Many of you have witnessed even visitors under extreme stress, many themselves in intoxicated or drug-induced altered states.

It is not unusual for ER officers to have to resort to close-quarter physical contact at least 5 times a shift, each one increasing the risk of injury exponentially. Physical contact often involves applying restraints to combative patients. Complicating matters is that no matter how violent, ER patients are patients first, violators second. It is never as easy as ending a situation by applying handcuffs in ER settings, although sworn peace officers (LA County hospitals) have more liberty to do so, the presumption being that increased training allows for better judgement.

Despite being born male, 99% of the time I was perceived as female (yay!!) and I learned very quickly how much more effective female officers are in de-escalating combative situations. A perfect balance of strength and female sweetness made me an extremely effective ER officer, and I received many compliments from staff and visitors (except of course from unruly doctors who I didn’t personally know that expected me to just let them walk into the ER, which is of course a back-handed compliment of job well done).

Trans supportive

A MUST READ!!!! She calls out trans bigots so well!!!!!

Ignorance on Public Display | Constitutionally-Advocated Trans Discrimination

Ignorance on Public Display | Constitutionally-Advocated Trans Discrimination

Mocking gender personality as a sport…..where gender is a “feeling”, not a M or F identity.

This video will give you strength for your trans journey.

Gorgeous girl….truly super gorgeous….proof that a girl can be “made”, not born physically…stated differently….gender is personality….and the body is subservient to our personality.

A must-read!!!! Judith Butler interviewed.

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